Monday, April 14, 2014


Clay and I had a great time at the RVA ROCK$ ONTAP craft beer event. We sampled a few beers, took in the sun, jammed to the tunes, and met a few kindred souls. The weather was beautiful, and there was only a faint odor of sewage when the wind blew in a particular direction. Luckily, the wind did not blow in that direction very long. HA!
Yes please!
In all, we sampled 17 of 23 craft brews. We missed some mostly due to supply shortage. We skipped the Legend 20th Anniversary Imperial Brown, because we have a bottle at home. We're going to break that open soon so look for a post on or shortly after Legend's 20th Anniversary celebration on 4/19.

We're going to have a few posts coming up detailing our top 5 beers from ONTAP and a brewery spotlight. Stay tuned for that, and all we have planned for the next few weeks as the craft beer events start to heat up!


P.S. If you were there, hit us back in the comments with how many of the beers you got to, and how your time was!

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