Saturday, April 5, 2014

Shenandoah Nat'l Park & Blue Mountain Brewery

A few weekends ago I went hiking in Shenandoah National park with some friends. We drove the gorgeous Skyline Drive and ended up hiking around the Big Meadows area. We did Dark Hallow Falls and crossed over into a fire road and some of the Rose River loop. We worked up a big thirst in our five hours of hiking.

To quench that thirst, we made a beeline to the Blue Mountain Brewery. I ordered a Kölsch 151. This beer was exactly what I needed! It's an ale with a crisp, cool feel, light body, and a quick diminishing after taste. It was about 85 degrees outside, so refreshing was mandatory.

The perfect entrée to pair with my crisp Kölsch? Pizza. I know pizza can be cheese and sauce heavy and may demand a heavier beer or ale. But this pizza is different. I'm talking about the blow-your-%@#&ING-mind-pizza they serve at Blue Mountain Brewery. The wheaty thin crusts are seasoned with honey and olive oil. It's dressed with sauce and toppings that'll make you think hard enough to reconstruct your previously blown mind.

My friends and I got the bratwurst, apples, and onions pizza. See what I mean? My eyes told my brain I was eating pizza and drinking beer. My tongue told my brain I was drinking angel's tears and eating ambrosia.

The crisp, clean ale paired with the light thin crust pizza was way beyond my expectations. I couldn't believe the extraordinary flavors in my mouth. When I got the check, I was doubly impressed. If you like to hike in the Shenandoah Park, you have to check out the Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, Va. Do it!

No pics. Forgot to take them!


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