Saturday, April 5, 2014

Richmond's own Legend Pilsner

So this is the new blog. It's all about beer in Virginia. If you're a reader that isn't in the Commonwealth of Virginia allow me to fill you in on our heritage with a short random list of factoids:

1.    We have sent seven Virginians to the White House
2.    The state was named after Queen Elizabeth I
3.    The state is often called the 'Old Dominion'
4.    Our state beverage is beer.

OK, so I made that last one up, but it should be because we have a long history of refined -and not so refined- beer making. The largest breweries in Virginia are Budweiser in James City County and Coors near Fredericksburg. There are also hundreds of microbreweries in the state that provide color and richness to our beer heritage.

The beer I want to talk about today is the Legend's Brewing Co. Pilsner. I have to be honest, I've lived in Richmond, Va (where Legend's is located) my whole life, and I've never had this beer. Actually, this is only the second lager style beer I've had from Legend's. Usually, I'm nose-deep in a Brown Ale or one of their two IPA's (which are fantastic). I didn't go to Legend's Pub to the get the Pilsner, instead I picked it up at the local grocery store and enjoyed it at home. With most Pilsners I usually want to eat something while I'm drinking to help fill out the missing parts of the body that are sacrificed to achieve a crisp and refreshing beer.

With Legend's Pilsner there's enough body for the beer to stand on its own. It's much maltier than a lot of Pilsners I've tasted and pays tribute to Legend's flagship Ales by smoothly emulating them. The aroma has malty notes, but the spiciness of the hops is evident in every sniff. The smooth yet thin feel is awesomely balanced and makes this beer a very modern Pilsner. The finish is crisp and dry and reminds you that you're drinking a Pilsner despite the full bodied smoothness to start.

I highly recommend this beer to anyone who can find it. It's definitely in the groceries stores around Richmond, Va., but I'm not sure how far Legend is being distributed throughout the state. I do know they get down to Williamsburg and out to Charlottesville. If you're coming through the capitol, remember to pick up a case!


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