Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Love by Star Hill – An awesome hefeweizen

I’ve been working myself through a six pack of The Love on this windy, cool spring night, and figured you guys should know about this amazing wheat beer.
It’s very low in bitterness, light bodied, smooth drinking and finishes with light sweetness.

When I first bought this beer I was skeptical. Being of the hops-loving variety of craft beer drinkers, and a staunch misogynist I figured this would be a lovely addition to the ever growing list of ‘chick beers’ (only joking ladies). But like most situations involving beer, I found I was both wrong and pleasantly surprised about this brew.

It pours very light honey with a very small head –an eighth of an inch. You can see the sediment in the glass, and can watch it flow as the beer pours. It mingles with bubbles and swirls in tiny dervishes of momentum. This wheat beer is unfiltered. The aroma of the head isn't particularly powerful but isn't nondescript either. It’s relaxed and has hints of fruit and spice.

The first taste is refreshing. It’s cool and clear. Banana and spice notes are notable and flesh out the taste. Toasted spice carries the wheaten flavor over the palette and makes for a light and enjoyable mouth-feel. The finish is lightly sweet and leaves a clean and sweetened aftertaste.

If you’re into hoppy beers, please take note of the flavor and try not to miss it. I've recognized that after enjoying many bitter full-bodied beers, it easy to miss the delicate notes of a light-bodied beer like a hefeweizen, especially one as light as The Love.

A lot like it’s easy to miss the delicate and simply pleasures in life when we’re focused on the heavy ‘important things.’ This beautifully named beer reminds me that I love life and I love the world. And I should take some time out of my days to slow down and enjoy life. To love life by relaxing and just being.

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