Monday, September 1, 2014

The Answer Brewpub!

The Answer Brewpub- Building an Empire of beer!

If you drink beer in Richmond/ Central Virginia you (should) have heard of Mekong. Mekong has some great offerings when it comes to food- authentic Vietnamese cuisine at affordable prices! YAY! What makes Mekong truly great is their selection of beers; there are so many beers I'm not even going to begin to list them all, but there are enough to warrant Mekong receiving's Great American Beer Bar for both 2012 and 2013! This led to some astounding beer specials both years, and when they win again this year there will be more! Mekong is one of my favorite restaurants in Richmond and definitely my favorite beer spot in the city. 

All of that being said, An Bui- the genius mind behind Mekong, has been working on The Answer Brewpub. The Answer will be located next door to Mekong (seriously, right next door!) and will have a different list of beers from Mekong plus some collaborative beers from An and other local brewers. The Answer Brewpub opens tomorrow, the 2nd, at 4 pm and I know that I plan on being there! Earlier today the facebook page for Mekong and The Answer Brewpub filled people in on what their offerings are is as follows:

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