Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Fidelis Beer Company Launch Party!

Last Saturday Clay and I checked out the Fidelis Beer Company launch party. The brewing company is brand new to the market and has an interesting business model. Similar to Toms Shoe Company, Fidelis will be benefiting a cause with each of its beer labels. Fidelis is part of a relatively new wave of companies that aim high, not just to make the best product possible, but also to help affect positive change in the world.

We got a taste of the first brew Brian, the founder, is ready to ship. The beer is a farmhouse ale and is a delicious, simple brew, wholesome and fruity in aroma and rustic in taste. It's yeasty and has a grassy barnyard taste but carries more body than I was expecting -a very good thing. It's terrific to see this style gaining so much popularity in recent years.

Apart from sampling the beer, we met Brian, the founder and owner of Fidelis. He's a humble, interested guy who doesn't seem to do things half way. Apart from being an attorney in the US Marines, he's a husband, father, and brewer! He seems passionate about the beer and the causes, which will hopefully drive excellence in both. He's not the only heavy hitter on the team: Fidelis also has a fighter pilot, and a PhD in their ranks. From the surface it seems as if they have a driven and experienced crew. This is a brewery to watch.

Keep up to date on their new releases and info on their website. Let them know you'd like to see their beer on tap near you on their twitter!

Check out this interview of Brian at Bible, Beer, and Babies.


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