Tuesday, September 22, 2015

UCI Road World Championships Opening Ceremony

World championship cycling is in full swing in RVA! Friday night, James and I attended the Opening Ceremony of the UCI Road World Championships on Brown's Island. The event introduced the team representing the United States, included performances from the Richmond Symphony, and was emceed by NBC12's Andrew Freiden. 

I thought that with over 100 breweries in the Commonwealth to choose from, this event would be the perfect way to showcase the best craft brews Virginia has to offer......I thought wrong. We were incredibly disappointed to find that only the above four Budweiser owned beers were available for purchase. I understand that InBev may be a sponsor but it's still a hard pill (and beer) to swallow. I have learned my lesson to not buy drink tickets prior to looking at the selection (I've been spoiled). 

Overall, the weather was perfect, the people were kind, and the event was entertaining. I'm excited about the Commonwealth being in the spotlight and what great things could manifest from it.

 Here's to hoping the next big event has better beer!

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