Saturday, July 25, 2015

ABV- A Beer Voyage

   I, like many other people, enjoy a good Kickstarter every now and again (the website, not the energy drink, although I don't think those are awful either) and in searching through Kickstarter I have found many different items, projects, etc... that I have felt the need to help fund. Sometimes it is because I want whatever it is they are working on, like an RFID blocking wallet, a 3D printing pen, or a professional cat litter scoop (all projects I have backed), and there is a growing number of beer related Kickstarters popping up. 

   Some of these beer related Kickstarters are for fancy growlers, some are for automated home brew set ups, whereas others focus on the culture of beer and those involved in it. That's where ABV- A Beer Voyage comes in. The creators of ABV are hoping to use their raised funds to produce a pilot for what they hope will be a 5 episode first season. The ultimate goal of ABV is to showcase the stories and the passion for brewing from multiple breweries around NYC with the hopes of being able to travel the United States and find great stories in all of the states. 

   Their Kickstarter has about 19 days left at the time of writing this and is about a fifth of the way towards being funded. Some of the perks are pretty great though- digital download of the teaser/ full show, DVD copies, a custom curated 6 pack of great New York craft beer from Kyle who is a Certified Cicerone as well as being the face of the show, and some other perks that are absolutely worth checking out! So, if you have the time, the money, and the desire to help ABV in their quest to showcase great beer and the people making it, then you should follow the link (and watch the video!) at the end of this post to their Kickstarter and help them out! 

ABV- A Beer Voyage

*Update* I will be posting another piece soon with my interview with Kyle from ABV in the next few days. Keep an eye out!

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