Monday, December 1, 2014

Quick Notes: Apocalypse Ale Works

Apocalypse Ale Works has been on my radar for a bit now; solid beers with great names...Lustful Maiden being the first to come to mind- great taste, only need one or two, and a great name. Their artwork is also incredibly badass. I mean, seriously?! Look at that logo! Their can art is so good that did an interview with the artist!

   So, I wanted to make some notes about their Golden Censer Honey Wheat Ale. This beer looks great when it is poured- nice and clear, not too much head, and some great smells coming out of that glass.
I know they are in Forest, VA...but I don't have a glass for that.

There is a good amount of honey flavor without the beer being overwhelmed with any kind of sweetness. I did taste more hops than I usually would expect from a honey wheat ale, but maybe it is there to contrast the honey? Either way, great flavors without too much hoppiness and some great underlying flavors. I think I tasted some lemongrass, maybe some citrus added late in the brewing process even.

As a side note, I had a couple of these with my Thanksgiving dinner and they really worked well with cranberry sauce and the hickory-smoked turkey I made.

Yeahhhhhhhh I cooked that bird. 

The smokiness of the turkey and the sweet/ tart combo of the sauce really brought out some extra flavors in this beer.

I can't say this is my favorite beer from them but I won't shy away from it either. Definitely worth trying!

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